Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Gumasa Island experience...

The team BUDIGORONG went to Gumasa Island, Glan Sarangani Province sometime on year 2007. This is located at southern part of Mindanao. Likened to the white sand beaches of Boracay minus the nightly rave parties, Gumasa in Glan, Sarangani Province is a haven of pristine white sand beaches that are perfect for nature lovers.

There are plenty of resorts there now. I hope I can come up with prices here, but I’m sure, they are well within your budget.

It only takes about 45 minutes to reach the Poblacion, where old Spanish houses can be found, and another 15 minutes to paradise. There are several resorts in the area that offer affordable accomodations.

The Team BUDIGORONG comprises from the three cities of Bukidnon, Digos, and Tacurong. The team composed of Onin, Joan, and Chris. This was created during our reunion climb at Mt. Matutum at Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines.

Witnessing the beauty of the paradise of Gumasa Island in Glan, Sarangani Province Philippines. t only takes about 45 minutes to reach the Poblacion, where old Spanish houses can be found, and another 15 minutes to paradise. There are several resorts in the area that offer affordable accomodations.

Gumasa Island, Glan Sarangani Province.

First Adventure Race of Northface-Araw ng DAVAO 06

This picture was taken during the first adventure race of north face during Araw ng DAVAO 2006. The race covered bikings, and 5 kilometer long run.
The worst obstacles i have been encountered during the race, that i had to eat 4 kilograms of durian simultaneously. It was my first time to eat the durian fruits of Davao. chris and yoyong were laughing at me, kasi it was really my first time to eat the durian fruit.
knowing that, Durian is a fruit: a big, green thorny fruit native to Malaysia and Indonesia. In fact, it is considered "King of the Fruit" throughout South East Asia. It has a creamy texture, and the taste of its flesh sends its eaters into ecstasies (and it has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac) But is has one drawback. It has an extremely offensive odor described as garlic like, similar to stinky feet, and like Limburger cheese. Some countries even ban the presence of durian in hotels and on public transportation due to its offensive smell.

At the end of the race we were in the 5th placer among the 16 teams joined the competition. Of course the prizes are libreng foot spa, 20% discount of all northface items and apparel, and one night free stay in Marco Polo , and certificate of recognition.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Basagan ng hita

Mga engkol and papi. yes i made it again.. wala lang para atang nalampasan kuna yong elevation ng MT.EVEREST ata engkol.. abay sa ginagawa namin na 7 peaks, pag ina add ko yong taas nya eh! parang na scaled kuna rin yong bundok narin ka nga lang walang alpine assaullt.kasi meron tayo dito yung tropical assaullt.hehehe.. hayyy.. MT.Kalatugan again and again for the second time.. ako,kami, pati si engkol fide ( the guide ) we've lost for almost 48:00 a mossy forest of MT. Kalatungan range.Meron kaming tinatawag don na dyos ko po trail,kiss wid da *tot**tot**,and call a friend,wid da tali to the rescue.Pero kahit papanu we all survived,kumain kami ng damo na tinatawag nilang HAGPA (leaf) tas tatlong klase ng mga bunga.lahat na pwdeng kainin ng ibon ay na talagang na try namin lahat na kainin.Di naman sa sinasabi kung firts time ko na nawala.talagang matataas lang talaga yung mga halaman na doon,.kasi ba naman eh tatlong taon na pala bago ulit may umakyat doon.nag ALA-spider man kami sa mga bangin,may bida pa talaga si tarzan ang pag babalik,nag cliff hanger,off-vertical limits,nag national geographic expedation pa kami,but all of that, thanks god naman na lagpasan namin lahat, salamat sa aming diterminasyon,pag-uunawa sa isat-isa,tsaka yung pananalig kay amang may kapal.thanks engkol fide..ur d men..

Struggle Unlimited

Hello kayo jan! mga kasama..OO ako na naman ito..itong si crhis nagyaya na naman sa akin DIPOLOG CITY daw.oki lng naman..with all the odds,nice yung trip namin kasi..may minor climb lng kasi ba naman yung short-cut nagiging trap-cut to the pero nung na stuck na kami were all busy doing to find some help,but ironic two our company nag ala-pacman cause of teasing limpyo daw ang tiil were the others get muddy,some how nang mga bandang 5:00 pm na kami naka labas ng bundok,,lol me and the others are busy with panning there heads to find carenderia (fast-food)..exactly 9;00 ng gabi kami nakarating ng city of be continue nlng tom papasok pa ako...

3rd Annual PENEK BUSAY '09

The barangay of Goma, Digos City, as per Council Resolution No. 36 and SK Resolutiion No.03 series of 2008 will be celebrating the 70th Araw ng Barangay on September 26-27, 2009, and Council Resolution No. 16 adopting the Penek Busay as an annual activity of Barangay Goma, Digos City.

Among the activities of the festivity will be the 3rd Penek Busay, Brgy. Goma, being the “waterfalls capital” of Digos City, will be hosting the 3rd Penek Busay, in partnership with the Digos Active Mountaineers, Incorporated.(DAM INC. )

The dozen of waterfalls in Brgy. Goma is an eco-tourism destination of the future. Penek Busay is an opportunity for Brgy. Goma to showcase the natural wonders within the barangay. Penek Busay is not only an environmental adventure trek to the dozen waterfalls all within Barangay Goma, but also aims to instill the values of responsible mountaineering. Most importantly, it will promote the environemental eco-tourism possibilities not only for Brgy. Goma,0f Digos City, but for the whole of Davao Del Sur

We are inviting you to become the active participants of Penek Busay, joining us in this adventure trek will not only provide you with wonderful experiences of being one with nature, but will also provide with insights on how to develop your own natural resources in your Local Government Unit into possible eco-tourism destinations.