Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Travel in SIARGAO

surfing in the midst of big waves
At the Cloud 9 SIARGAO
At the viewing site of Cloud 9 where the participants are experiencing the extraordinary events of Cloud 9, SIARGAO
On my way to the viewing area. It was my best
experience with CLOUD 9 in SIARGAO (Billabong International Competition)
behind the surfing wave of CLOUD 9
Far view is the GUYAM Islet of SIARGAO
Arrival at DAPA Ferry Port Siargao

At JL Siargao
At the Fast Craft (BRITPHIL)
inside the Fast Craft
at the DAPA Ferry terminal
The Lagbong Falls
Dinner at the Social Hall
The DAM INC Staff (at the Reggae Party)

Reggae Night

Welcome Tarp At the Camp Site

at the camp site

In behalf of the DAM INC would like to thank you all the participants, sponsors, guests and visitors who contributed so much with us during the 3rd Annual PENEK Busay ’09 with the theme of “ Busay sa Kinaiyahan” held last September 26-27, 2009. This momentum event would not be realized if without the undying support from the the members and the officers of DAM INC.

The event ended with a raggae night party at Sta. Monica Beach Resort in baranggay Dawis, Digos City. The participants, members, officers and guests witnessed the wonderful events with live band who orchestrated with us during the raggae party night. The event organizer Onin C. Banzon- DAM INC Presidents would like to acknowledge the participants from Luzon, Bohol, Baculod,Cebu, and the Mindanao participants.

We also conducted the newly members of DAM INC., Nino Guantangco, Edlan Daligdig, and Meryl Jayno which was conducted by Teodorico N. Dofiles II and the DAM INC officers.

The participants are expecting another round of PENEK BUSAY 2010 next year. We will keep you posted on the future activities of DAM INC.